Core Values

Direct involvement and participation of disadvantage community people in development process.

Capacity building and empowering community, traditional leader, elected representative, public institutions and group formation. 

Network with government and national and international NGOs at regional, national and international processes for the issues of environmental justice and sustainable development.

Policy advocacy, awareness raising and grants/input/incentive support program, and education campaign for community empowerment to promote their livelihood, health and hygiene and nutrition, social rights and environmental justice and sustainability.

Equal participation and role of female and adolescent will be ensuring in the implementation of projects. 

Respect the gender equity and ethnic and cultural diversity. 

Strong linkage and coordination with all key stakeholders.

§ Cost effectiveness.

§ Transparency.

§ Innovation.

§  Accountability.

§  Timeliness

§  Effectiveness

§  Realistic.

§  Achievable.

§  Measurable.