Management System and Policies

Management system

The organization has a senior/higher management team (S/HMT) headed by Executive Director. Directors of the organization and senior staffs of the organization are included in the senior/higher management team. The decision-making process followed to organizational rules or policy and in the case of project implementation strictly followed donor instruction and participatory approach between the ED and project lead. It has separate Finance, Admin, Program, Planning, Monitoring and Reporting unit including Publication unit.

Financial Management System

The organization has a standard financial policy developed by professional consultant. All financial matters and all project accounts are being run according to financial policy. All bill, vouchers and financial relating papers and documents are well preserved in the finance department. All financial transactions are transacted according to BAS and also following the organizational financial policy approved by EC. The record keeping system is fully computerized and updated on daily basis. Organization followed government financial rules/compliance example: VAT, IT, Revenue Stamp etc. where applicable. The organization also followed individual donor financial compliance as well. The total internal control system of the organization is observed day by day through appropriate authority (i.e: Executive Committee, Senior/Higher Management Team etc.). (For details, please see the attached financial policy with required policy documents).

Fund Disbursement system

The donor makes the fund available for the project on monthly, quarterly installments basis in advance to the organization as per the guideline of agreement, however, it is done subject to verification and review of financial statements, progress report and other relevant documents/matters related to the project by responsible secretariat staff.

Policies in Practice