Gender Justice and Women Empowerment​

The issue of gender justice and women empowerment is a prime concern in our country like other parts of the whole world. Especially in the marginalized populate area, like CHT, Coastal belt etc. the concern of gender justice and women empowerment is being neglected from the edge of Government, Non-Government and CSO based service providers. Though to some extent, there has been formal removal of institutionalized discrimination, the mindset and the attitude deep-seated in the subconscious have not been erased.

Women and girls still face all kinds of indignity and prejudice. Gender equality of opportunity and women’s empowerment are integral and essential elements of any serious strategy for economic growth and pro-poor development. Despite the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Charter, International Covenants, and conventions, it is distressing to note that women all over the world have been denied complete justice, social, economic, and political. As members of the opposite sex, they have been abused and exploited by the male-dominated society. Even though the Constitution and law of the country have given adequate protection and safeguard the interest of women, due to utter callousness, indifference, and lethargy of the society, a woman is figured as a weaker sex.

TAHZINGDONG has been focusing on women-rights, gender equity and the dignity of women through the following interventions: