Human Rights and Good Governance​

The issue of gender justice and women empowerment is a prime concern in our country like other parts of the whole world. Especially in the TAHZINGDONG believes that Good Governance cannot happen in isolation from Human Rights. TAHZINGDONG is committed to assisting the community people, civil society organizations, local and national institutions, Government, and Local Government Institutes to foster good governance in their working phenomenon to create an environment that respects and protects human rights at all levels. This means ensuring legal frameworks, institutions, and political, managerial, and administrative processes respond to the rights and needs of the population. TAHZINGDONG strives to adopt the human rights principles that provide a set of values to guide the work of human and social development sectors as good governance and human rights are mutually reinforcing. Applying Social Accountability Tools, TAHZINGDONG aims to ensure transparency, properness, participation, effectiveness, and accountability.

The organization has been playing a role in articulating and advocating for popular concerns. This local-level advocacy function contributes to giving voice to a variety of interests and perspectives that governments and decision-makers may otherwise not hear. It is an increasingly accepted fact that real progress in tackling development deficits can only be made by building institutions for good governance and by ensuring genuine community people and civil society participation.

TAHZINGDONG fosters the capability of the marginalized people to raise their voices to achieve the rights to information, rights to justice and fair trial, gender equity, respect for human rights, defending corruption, and participation in the decision-making process aligned with a democratic system at all levels. A well-reputed relationship and network with different professionals through knowledge and information sharing on human rights contributed to the advocacy initiatives for these groups of people.

The organization has been working to